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Assimil Ingles Perfeccionamiento Pdf 25

Assimil Ingles Perfeccionamiento PDF 25: A Review

Assimil is a well-known publisher of language learning materials, founded in France in 1929. One of its most popular products is the Assimil Ingles Perfeccionamiento course, which aims to help learners achieve a high level of proficiency in English. The course consists of a book and audio recordings, and follows the Assimil method of progressive assimilation of the language through dialogues, exercises, and notes. The course covers both British and American English, and introduces a variety of topics, such as culture, history, politics, science, and literature.

The Assimil Ingles Perfeccionamiento PDF 25 is a digital version of the book, which can be downloaded for free from various online sources . The PDF file contains 25 lessons, each with a dialogue, a translation, an exercise, and some notes. The dialogues are written in a natural and colloquial style, and cover everyday situations as well as more complex topics. The translations are provided in Spanish, and the exercises test the comprehension and production skills of the learners. The notes explain the grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation points that appear in the dialogues.


The advantages of using the Assimil Ingles Perfeccionamiento PDF 25 are that it is convenient, accessible, and affordable. The learners can access the file from any device that supports PDF format, and study at their own pace and convenience. The file is also easy to find and download from the internet, without having to pay for the physical book or the audio recordings. The disadvantages are that the file may not be updated or complete, and that it does not include the audio component of the course. The learners may miss out on some important features of the course, such as listening to native speakers, practicing their pronunciation, and following the recommended study plan.

In conclusion, the Assimil Ingles Perfeccionamiento PDF 25 is a useful resource for learners who want to improve their English skills, but it is not a substitute for the full course. The learners should consider buying or borrowing the book and the audio recordings from a reliable source, or using another online platform that offers the complete course with interactive features. The Assimil Ingles Perfeccionamiento course is a proven and effective way to learn English, but it requires dedication, motivation, and regular practice.


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